Thursday, March 11, 2010

Foul-smelling but getting thin.

My entire house smells vaguely like urine and old milk. This is less than pleasant, but when your entire wardrobe is covered in breastmilk there's only so much I can do about it.

Lennox is now a month old, and I'm enjoying this little bug immensely. Warren is still crazy in love with the little guy, which is super endearing. Warren is happiest when he can hug and kiss his "Lemick" and this is fabulous. Slightly less fabulous since Warren's rocking a nasty cold right now, but I can't fault the guy for his intentions.

I'm very pleased to say that I am currently wearing pre-pregnancy jeans. Not just wearing, but wearing comfortably, and the jeans have not even a modicum of stretch to them. So, that's awesome. Right there is one of the best arguments for breastfeeding I can give. 25 pounds, gone in matter of three weeks, without having to limit my food intake or really exercise.

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Faith said...

I still don't get how that works. :/

But mozel tov! :D I plan on losing some weight the old fashioned way in a few weeks here myself: I'm going under the knife, and having the boobs semi-removed. (Leo won't let me remove them completely, the spoil sport.) I'll be talking about it all in detail on the blog, of course, so no one will feel left out. It is one thing I won't be putting up pictures of, though. Because that just seems meaner than even I am, dammit.