Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Count it! Two days in a row!

The problem with having a sweet new computer and a bitchin' internet connection is that I never go to bed anymore. Instead, I think "I should probably just check my email" and then I stay up hours later than I meant to. Delightful. Willpower? I have none.

Since Warren took it upon himself to rearrange the keyboard on my laptop, I've been spending a lot of time speaking with employees of ridiculous computer stores. It should be noted, customer service and even just pleasant conversation are both officially dead. If one more person sneers at me for asking a question, I might just start slapping people with whatever office supplies I can lay my hands on.

Suffice to say, I'm no closer to fixing my poor old geriatric computer than I was a week ago. Thanks Warren. I hope eating the pieces you ripped from my computer at least made you a little uncomfortable.

In any event, I'm going to bed.


Faith said...

I tried being sarcastically funny with the chick I spoke to in BofA's credit department a couple weeks ago about my interest rate...baaad idea. ::shaking head in shame:: I'm pretty sure she's leveled an all-scale attack on my credit score.

I was just trying to keep the mood light! Jesus chriiist. People don't laugh enough these days, dammit...

Coley said...

I agree. You try to be kind and polite and have some fun, and people piss on you. We have lost our national sense of humor. Le sad.