Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taking requests, apparently

Per Faith's question, the name Mrs. Sparkles actually came from an Aqua Teen Hungerforce episode. No, I do not live in a frat house, but the show is absolutely the best in nonsequitur humor. In the show, Master Shake has a kitten named Mr. Sparkles, who was a magician and per Shake's instructions, not to be touched. So, when our little kitty appeared and thoroughly charmed everyone in the house, we named her Mrs. Sparkles.

Our family has also started anthropomorphizing a variety of things, such as our potted Christmas tree (hello, $20 at a garden store and now I have a Christmas tree for the next 20 years? That my friends, is called "Value") which we named Todd, and a styrofoam ice chest named Terrence. No, it makes no sense, but is hilarious nontheless.

Ok, naked baby needs me. I totally need to share kitty pictures. For that matter, I haven't posted a Warren picture in over 6 months. I truly am the worst parent ever. Huzzah!


jen breese said...

Here's a cute one of Warren.

Yes, you do need to post at least one pic of Mrs. Sparkles.

jen breese said...

Oh, I told my Dad about Warren picking Mrs. Sparkles as his pet and dad was delighted. :) Warren makes people smile who are states away.