Monday, April 13, 2009

Turns out....

I have a hard time relaxing
I can't just sit still
Even having fun is exhausting
Eating my weight in jelly beans is not so good in practice as in theory
Long weekends just give me the chance to over do it three days in a row
It's hard to get pictures off the camera when Xtian takes the camera snowboarding
Sarah and I can't get together without going to Target at least twice a day
Xtian taking yet another weekend off from parenting to go snowboarding makes me feel resentful
Next weekend, I'm not doing a damn thing

1 comment:

jen breese said...

Um, you are shocked to discover that you are a driven person? Bet you didn't think you were a type A personality either, right?


hugs. I hope work will be relaxing all week!