Monday, April 6, 2009

Lowering expectations

I guess once a week is about as often as I can get my shit together enough to write here. I am the suck.

Mrs. Sparkles is officially a member of the family. Last week, she was standing at the back door, looking sad as per usual. Warren walked over, opened the screen door, let Mrs. Sparkles in and shut the door behind her. So, now that she's in, I guess she's staying. I kind of love her though. And she lets Warren pet and talk to her. And that's fun.

This weekend wasn't really a weekend at all. Friday afternoon and evening were spent running errands and shopping for groceries and birthday gifts. Saturday we had the family party for my brother's birthday (hence the gifts), so we spent the morning cleaning, the afternoon was spent hauling supplies for a trade show on Sunday, then the party started and we were running until bed.

Sunday I had to be up by 6 am to get ready for the trade show. And I was there until after 6 pm. Xtian was making dinner when I got home, which meant there was food, but the kitchen was trashed. Just obliterated. So that was stressful and took more work. But he's trying, and we have to give credit.

I finally got to bed and almost cried when I realized I had to go to work when I woke up. I need an actual weekend. Annoying.


Faith said...

Ok, hopefully, you get an actual weekend this coming weekend, because that does sound sucky!

And I would like to know where the name "Mrs. Sparkles" came from for the stray kitteh. Thank you.

jen breese said...

We want pictures of the new kitten! That's very cool that she likes Warren. Guess he picked his first pet. ;) Almost as good as a pony.