Monday, March 9, 2009

I miss Oakland.

It had been entirely too long since I've breathed some good ol' fashioned Bay Area air. So, Saturday morning, Warren and I hopped in the car and took off for Oakland. (And by "hopped" I mean, loaded up a stroller, an ice chest full of Warren-pleasing snacks, a sack of toys, 4 million diapers, three changes of clothes and everything else that would conceiveably fit in the car. Children make going anywhere just a joy).
We sang the whole way down, and got to spend an entire day hanging out with Sister Jenn, Friend Jen and SIL Kate. I got to cruise the Lake Merritt Farmer's Market, make fun of the douchey kettle corn guy (Seriously? Instead of sizes Small Medium and Large, he had the Teaser, the Pleaser and I blocked out the large equivalent sized name, as it was also horrible), eat a baby-free lunch with Jen, watch some Charmed while Warren napped, then feast on sushi.

We were back home by 9 pm, exhausted and totally happy. I miss Oakland. And I really miss the casual hang out time with my friends and sister. But now that Birthday DeathMarch is reaching a close, I should have a few extra weekends lying around. So doing a day trip like that is no big deal at all.

I mentioned last week that Warren is calling the cell phone "mama." Well, he's still doing that, but since I've been trying to correct him by pointing to myself and saying "I'm MAMA" he now pats everyone on the chest saying "I mama, I mama." So, that is not working out, but is pretty damned funny. So, I'll call it a draw.

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Faith said...

My neighbor's 1 and a half year old daughter calls him "Dadoo" and its about the cutest thing ever. I can imagine that seeing Warren in cell phone/Mama action must be equally adorable. I like them when they're funny. It's when they get all screachy and mad that I tend to want to get away from them...

I hope the computer is behaving better this week! I'm looking forward to more updates on the Uncle Cory/Manny dealio, Xtian's job experience thus far, and how you're doing. :D