Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gurgle Gurgle...

Weekend was kind of a bust, in retrospect. And work is kicking my ass this week. I feel like everything is taking twice as long as it should and I'm lucky to get anything done before I have to leave for the day. At this point, I'm putting 6 days worth of work into five days, and still falling behind. But, the big boss gave approval for an intern, so hopefully a few of my more time consuming/mindless tasks can be shoved off onto someone else shortly. Muwahahahaha.

On the plus side, I get to go down to Oakland again this weekend to see my big sister and Kate. Hopefully can sneak in a Friend Jen visit as well. I had so much fun on our last trip. Makes me homesick. I really love Oakland, and while leaving it was the right move for our family, I'm not falling in love with Sacramento yet. But I'm trying to reserve judgment until we can get the hell out of the suburbs. It's just not jiving with my lifestyle. It's too hard to do anything, or go anywhere. Everything involves packing up the car, and driving 30 minutes to go anywhere. Who designed this shithole?

The boys are good, I think Cory is enjoying Manny-hood. Warren is just too much fun these days. He walks around meowing at the cats, and if you tell him not to do something, he shakes his head saying "no no no." He's very into patting people's bellies, which is going to get him into trouble one of these days. For now, however, I'm willing to let him poke my belly chubs (aka "turtle snacks") with glee.

And oh yeah, Xtian killed another cell phone. Still can't figure out how he did it to this one, but a huge crack in his screen has lead to big dark spots on the display. Consequently AT&T has cancelled our account insurance. Nice. My right to pay them $5 a month, then another $56 for a new phone every year has been rescinded. Jerkoffs.
Lordy lordy, this old lady is ready to pass out!


Faith said...

Ok, I'm gonna need help understanding the turtle snacks thing, por favor. :)

And there are other companies you can switch to, you know, if AT&T is bugging you too much. I'm sure Sprint would be all too glad to gain your family as customers. Just a real reason for it...

jen breese said...

At least Warren hasn't figured out to bark at the cats. Might be fun to teach him that. :D

Yes, Oakland misses you too. At the very least, I miss you like hell. :) I think I'm outta town at the cabin this weekend. At least, that was the plan at last check but I'll call ya if I'm here.