Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quickly before I turn in

Work was really busy this week. I spent all week running full speed ahead. Which made the week go fast, but also made me wonder: what did I get done?

On the plus side, it's almost the weekend. So, there's that.

Warren still calls cell phones "mama", and now all ipods are "baba". Still no name for me. But he does give me kisses. Without having to ask for them. So, I win that contest.

I'm wrecked, but I couldn't let another day go by without posting. Time to finish my wine and go to bed. I'm an old lady.

PS. One final note: putting dried parsley in anything, makes it smell like old people's homes. Soupy and awkward. Yuck.

1 comment:

Faith said...

Yeah, throw the dried parsley out!

I sure hope he figures out that YOU are momma before he hits kindergarten. Otherwise, things could get veeerrry interesting...