Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday listiness.

Items for discussion:
Today is my birthday. I am 27. Freakin' weird.
Warren believes everything is "duck." The cats are duck, shoes are duck, Homer Simpson is duck. I choose not to correct him, because I think it is hilarious.
Warren is obsessed with high heels, and footballs. We now know that he will be the baddest ass crossdressing football player in all the land.
Xtian makes a mean French Toast feast at 7 am.
Birthdays really lose their magic when you still have to go to work on your birthday, and your mom doesn't bring cupcakes for everyone.
Feel free to discuss. I'll circle back later.
I'm going to go have a birthday cocktail. Huzzah!


jen breese said...

Try being 37, now that is weird! :) Ducks are funny. I hope yer day is great.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day is ducky!

Sorry...that was bad ;)

dreadpiratecuervo said...

Happy belated! :)

Faith said...

Man, I missed your birthday??? I'm sorry! I hope it was a great one, sista. I'll have a cupcake in your honor this weekend...and a drink. Hmm...maybe a hamburger as well...

Coley said...

Awww thanks guys!
Faith, I expect a full speech when you consume in my honor. And video thereof. Obv.