Sunday, February 1, 2009

They speed time up on weekends, don't they?

I love the Superbowl. Especially when it ends in a way that I find most satisfactory. Like last year's epic defeat of the Patriots, and this year Kurt Warner proving, yet again, that he can't seal the deal.

Another whiplash weekend, Friday afternoon was spent at a number of medical clinics with my brother trying to find out how to get some immediate, non-emergency medical care for someone lacking insurance, then rushing home, cleaning myself up a little and off to dinner at Tex Wasabi's. Just glorious. Saturday the family came over to celebrate my big sister's 30th birthday. Rather than going out, we decided to do a potluck, wherein the birthday girl got to request a dish from each participant. Fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cakes, pizza... it was all fabulous.

Today was spent in pajamas, watching football, and the food network. I'd say it was just delightful.

Now, we're back into the weekday swing already. Bummer.

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jen breese said...

Yippeee for Feb bdays... Yes, the weekend was way too short. :)