Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yeah, I have no idea.

Warren is completely smitten with the cats. He loves everything they do. And they're being pretty patient with him. When they are done with his affection, they usually just run away. The worst I've seen since the Scratching Incident of 2008, is a no claws swat on the arm. Which freaks Warren out and hurts his feelings, but doesn't leave a bloody trail, so we let it slide.

When Jen was in town this weekend we spent a few hours wandering around MidTown Sacramento. *sigh* That is the neighborhood in which I belong. Not this culturally dead garbage pail of a suburb. There's nothing inherently wrong with suburbs, to be sure. But this one is horrible. The people are ignorant and really socially conservative, the only restaurants around here are of the drivethru and corporate whore variety, and walking anywhere? Not likely. Everything is 10 meandering miles away, on surface streets. With a stoplight at every corner, so walking would almost be faster if it weren't for the ridiculous distance.

But wandering around the area where I want to be was so nice. There were, perish the thought, locally owned stores! Markets and coffeeshops without the title "Safeway" and "Starbucks". I mean those were available as well, but not the only options! In a 8 block radius were at least 5 local restaurants, a handful of local bars and clubs and a bunch of fun weird shops to play in. October, baby. October.

Warren has begun scowling. He pokes out his lips, and furrows his brow and snorts through his nose. I should be concerned that my 1 year old child has enough attitude to scowl, but it's just too funny. So, he makes the face when we aren't letting him do what he wants, but the face is so funny we just collapse in laughter. I don't think that's quite the parenting message we want to be sending, but whatevs.

And thus concludes this edition of "Coley's Asinine Existence!"


Faith said...

See, that's what's hard with kids (and puppies). You need and want to dole out the punishment or to try to be authoritative, and they go and stand on their hind legs for an inordinate amount of time, and it makes you laugh, and then they think you're ok with whatever they're doing so they get excited and start jumping and nipping at your hands instead...

::sigh:: It's fun.

Coley said...

Parenthood, in all its forms, is utterly bizzarre.