Monday, January 5, 2009

Useless update number...?

You know what sucks about writing? The less you write, the less you feel you have to write about. So, in an effort to get back into writing for fun, I'm going to make a concerted effort to write every day, even if it's total garbage. And you get the "benefit," fun.

I'm officially obsessed with Kanye West's new album and have been listening to it on a loop since Christmas. I know, it's very 80's, but the man can make a compelling song.

See, now today at work, I felt like I was a total kickass go-getter. I think I'm just adjusting to an achievement based workplace after my last gig which was more of a "we don't care what you do, just fill that chair 8 hours a day!" kind of thing. So, today was good, and I hope this will continue. I got a little break from evening work commitments over the holidays, but they'll be back in full swing next week. Which is good, since I'll be doing some interesting things and working with some really neat people in the Sacramento business community. Which can only help my career overall.

I've been dicking around with our finances and I think I finally have us to the place where if I can get my insurance agent to call me back and do what he says he's going to do(I called that douche the week after we moved to get my information updated since Oakland is the second most expensive place for insurance and my rates are going to go WAY down. But after several phonecalls and emails, still no updated paperwork. Way to earn that commission, asshole!), we'll be able to exist solely on my income without incurring any more debt. We won't be getting ahead, certainly, but at least I can take the pressure off Xtian. Poor guy. So much of his identity is wrapped up in working hard, and when we're struggling, it really makes him feel horrible. And I don't want him forced into a terrible job. I want him to be able to relax a little and find something he'll enjoy and will work for our family. But if we're panicked over money, he'll have to take the first thing offered.

Anyhow, that's my boring ass life now. Fun, eh?

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jen breese said...

Yipppeee! Yer sarcastic bitchiness is back. Thank the Gods. :)

It was awesome being up there for the weekend.