Sunday, January 4, 2009


Jen came up to visit this weekend, and it was just delightful. We sipped some rum, ate some food and made some sorbet. We're both food-lovin' ladies, who read cookbooks like they're novels and watch food network like it's porn. So, obviously a meal of stuffed shells with marinara and a bechemel were totally in order. For Xmas I got her David Lebovitz's ice cream recipe book. The darling brought it with her so we could drool, and I decided that every time I buy a food book for anyone else, I need to buy a copy for myself. But, that's called "Selfish."

Now that the holidays are over, I can relax a bit and hopefully have a few weekends of couch surfing to get back into my zone. Of course, in our family, the break doesn't last for long as the birthdays have already started. Everyone in my immediate family (except for Cory and my SIL Kate) have birthdays within a 3 month period. 8 birthdays in 3 months, with 4 of them occurring in one week. It's always totally hectic, but we end up with a whole lot of Aquarians in the same family, which is fun.

Warren continues to be a scheming machine, which is hilarious right now. It's very strange to me that he's a sentient human being who has ideas and thoughts. For the longest time, they're just a series of bodily functions and reactions. Then suddenly, he'll just stop what he's doing and walk into another room because he wanted to. Kind of magical on a really small scale. It's weird to think that soon he'll be having fully thought out reasons for doing things that he can verbalize. He'll be able to have conversations and motivations beyond "hungry". I keep exclaiming "It's like he's a person!" Which sounds stupid, but really when they go from lumps of baby, to fully actualized human, it can be pretty astounding.

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