Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How to snitch

So, I think I mentioned that I've been trying desperately to deal with my insurance situation. I know, there is nothing more boring than insurance, especially someone ELSE'S insurance. But whatever.

So, all insurance in Oakland is super expensive. That's just another perk of living in a crime-ridden city. So, once we moved, I was all too happy to get my information updated with my insurance dude. We'll call him Romy. Because that is his name. Anyhow, Romy is mostly unreachable in the best circumstances. Which hasn't mattered much to me, as I've not needed his services. Except, I knew my rates would go WAY down after moving, so I was a little anxious to stop spending $330 a month on two auto policies and a tiny little renter's policy. But, after a few weeks, still nothing back from the guy. So, I kept calling and emailing and never hearing back.

Then I ran into the nicest lady at a Rainbow Chamber meeting. And by golly, she sells insurance. I told him my story and how much we're paying and bada bing, we now have better coverage for $120 less per month. Hurray!
So, I just got off the phone after calling my agent to cancel. (Funny, he didn't answer his phone. I feel shocked). Since I fear I'll never hear from him (as has been the norm around here) I did a little digging, and I ratted his ass out to the company and his boss explicitly. I know, it's petty and mean. But it's been two months since I spoke to him, all the time continuing to overpay my insurance by $120 per month. Way I see it, this asshole owes me $240. Sound about right? I know I'll never get it back, but a little Tattle-Tale phone calling really makes it easier to swallow.

And that is my life. Huzzah.


jen breese said...

I think you are totally right. Don't let that asshole get away with losing his company business!

Good for you for getting a better deal!

jen breese said...

BTW, i made the dulce de leche in the book you gave me. So easy and so amazing. Perfect by the spoonful. one can of sweetened evaporated milk. bake in oven for 1.25 hrs while the pan is in a water bath. YUM.

Coley said...

Oh lady. Spread that baby on a croissant for a completely unhealthy, but SOOOO tasty breakfast. I like to use it on top of brownies. But then, I'm a glutton!