Sunday, January 11, 2009

Restful weekend: Accomplished!

Ahhhh. Even with a few minor irritations, this weekend was exactly what I needed. I had one community action meeting on Saturday, but aside from that, no commitments, no chores, no nothing. This morning, Warren woke up at 6:30 am, so I took him out to the living room to play while Xtian had himself a well deserved lie in. Warren and I played for a couple of hours, then he passed out cold on my shoulder. Shortly thereafter, Fiddy climbed onto my other shoulder. So, I watched Food Network since I was pinned to the couch anyway. I haven't had a good quiet napping/cuddle with Warren like that for months. It was just delightful. He never sits still these days, so it's rare I get to just sit and smell his baby goodness.

Man, do I want another one. But, we'll need to hold off for a while yet. Got to get some jobs and finances back on track (surprisingly, not that off-track so far *knock wood*) and my health insurance has to kick in before I can start thinking about that.

But, I just took a steaming hot bath and am ready to climb into bed at 8:30 on a Sunday night. Everything is all ready for me tomorrow, and it's time for another whiplash week!

Hope everyone else's weekend was exactly what they needed it to be.

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Jenn said...

Mine was perfect too! A whole day on Saturday spent hanging with the boy, and a sleep in yesterday, with some time to sew, and some time to hang out with some friends. Who could ask for anything more!?

Glad you had a great weekend!