Saturday, January 10, 2009

It just keeps getting better and better

So, today I received my security deposit itemization from our old place in Oakland. You notice, I did not write "deposit refund." Yeah, that's because my landlord is claiming we would owe them $45 due to "damages". Umm. Nope. So, I just had to fire off an "Oh No. You did not!" letter. Which sucks because we always had such a cool relationship with them. And they charged us $560 for "cleaning and mold abatement", which is bullshit since I cleaned the place to a rosy shine before we left, and as renter's lawsuits keep showing, renters aren't responsible for mold, unless they cause it. And since they can't show how we caused the mold (it was mentioned that the place had a propensity for mold when we moved in) I do believe that's not our problem. So, I hope this won't be causing a problem. I do so like them both. But damn! I owe THEM $45? Bullshit, says I.

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jen breese said...

oh man. That totally sucks. I'm sorry to hear that happened.