Friday, December 5, 2008

Long time, no write.

So, I suck and never write anymore. Three night meetings a week is definitely taking their toll. And even when I have the time, I'm having way too much fun with Warren to stop and write.
Have I mentioned that he's a walking guy now? He went from not really crawling at 10 months, to being an expert walker at 11 months. He's amazing.

In just two weeks he'll be one year old. So, clearly the big party is planned. I really hope to get some pictures of it on here faster than I've been doing things lately. My dad is working on getting the Warren Walking videos online for us, but he's even slower than I am.

Still no jobs for the boys and it's getting a little tight, especially when my work keeps screwing up my paychecks. We have the option of donating money to some specific non-profits through a simple payroll deduction. I opted to donate $26.00 every paycheck to Planned Parenthood. So, the first check shows up and I notice that instead, $260.00 is being deducted. Fuck. So, that money was gone, I immediately notified payroll in person and in writing that this was a mistake. I was assured it was dealt with. But then, sure enough the next paycheck did the SAME GODDAMN THING! So, I'm now out $500, with no way to fix it. Pretty sure it's in bad taste to ask for your money back from a charity donation.

But otherwise it's all good. Huzzah.


meghan...or is it? said...

If it makes you feel any better I had a friend who did not get paid AT ALL once because the payroll person at her job was on vacation. Still, your situation totally sucks. Hopefully they can figure out to take back that zero soon. But just think there's some poor girl at a Catholic school getting like a year's supply of birth control thanks to you!

Faith said... way to fix it? What? That is crap. Someone fucked up, and should be held accountable for it, Coley! Go to the head of HR, for heaven's sake! That's YOUR MONEY!!!

I miss your updates, but totally understand. I hope things are going well, and I'll start sending jobby vibes to the boys, now that the Twin finally got herself a job. It may take a while, but its proven that it works. ::nods head emphatically::