Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, that's one thing taken care of.

After a panicked email message to HR (the subject line was, no joke, "ACK!!!!") I think my little payroll issue should be taken care of. And better yet, since I have all the errors in writing, they'll be refunding my over-donated funds on my next paycheck. Not so helpful now, but at least the paycheck right before Xmas will be nice. It's not like donating $500 to PP is a bad thing, but like all at once is a bit much for someone with my limited budget. Hahah.

So, yeah. That's a good thing. This right here is why it's useful to be friendly with the folks in HR. Meanwhile, I officially have life insurance. That's right folks, I'm worth significantly more dead than I am alive. So, let's all stop for a moment and thank the lord jebus that my policy is negated should the person who collects (Xtian) actually murder me. Sometimes I think that's the only thing keeping him from choking me in the night. Mostly because I'm completely insufferable sometimes.

Ok, not really the ONLY thing, but just kind of weird and morbid shit going round in my brain these days. That and weird dreams about Xtian's mother finding us.
We never told her we moved. She stalked Cory on Myspace and found out HE had moved, but didn't know anything about the rest of us. Xtian's just been avoiding calls, and that's just fine with me. But then I have nightmares where she just shows up! And stays a while, and Xtian won't tell her to leave so I have to do it. But she's crazy so it doesn't work. These are the fears that haunt my nights. I guess I'm doing just fine if that's the only creeping me out in the wee hours.

Warren continues to be the cutest baby in the world. It's not just how damned pretty he is, (though he is pretty danged beautiful) it's the huge smiles, the gleeful giggles and his devious nature. He's so clever and finds ways to get what he wants. Like, say, the remote control. He LOVES remotes, really anything with buttons. He has a few remote-type things that are his to play with, but he still wants MAMA's remote. So, I usually have to take it away from him, then put it on the back of the couch where he can't reach it. He doesn't throw fits. He just wanders off until you've kind of forgotten about it. A few minutes later he'll come walking up to you, put his head in your lap and hug your legs, like he's sad and needs a cuddle. So, you pick him up and he snuggles for a second, before reaching behind you to get his remote. SNEAKY! But also, really smart and good problem solving skills.
When my key hits the lock as I'm coming home from work, he shrieks with delight and comes walking, like a drunken midget, up to the door to greet me. Makes me want to have about 17 children, if they all turn out as good and cute and sweet as he is.

Ok, I'm done gushing about my kid. Now I'm going to actually go play with him.


Jenn said...

There is nothing as endearing as the drunken midget running to the door to greet his Mama! It's my favourite part of the day!

Faith said...

Hahahahaha! Oh, so cute!

And I'm glad HR is workin' with ya on that one. I used to deal with issues like that myself when I was at Countrywide for all those years. I don't know if your company is as big as that, but if we could fix a problem there, they can damned well fix it anywhere. :D

jen breese said...

haha... Drunken Midget. I can't wait to see the dynamo in person at his bday party! Woohoo, body shots! Oh wait, wrong year. :)

Anyhoo, glad the paycheck crap is solved.

From what I hear, you get an easy one and hard one...

See you on SATURDAY! Yippeee!

april said...

Man that totally sucks that they messed up that bad on your check. Thank goodness they've fixed it and right before xmas like you said.

I can't wait to see the videos of Warren.....let us know when they're up.

Hope things continue to go well for you guys and I really hope that Xtian finds work so you don't have to stress about money.