Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I'm a crummy mom

I was just sitting here, trying to catch up with a few things on the computer, with Warren crawling all over the place, turning the printer on, then off then on again. And to keep him distracted from chewing on power cords, I took my cell phone which he loves, and threw it across the room, encouraging him to "go get it." This scenario repeated about five times.

That's right, I'm playing fetch with my 11 month old son so I can read blogs. That's quality parenting right there.


april said...

You're not a bad mom....just chalk it up as kids being easily amused! Yeah, that's the ticket....easily amused.


Faith said...

Whatever it takes, sista. Whatever it takes...

Plus, you can totally use this story against him when he starts dating. In front of perfectly lovely girl with a hopefully awesome sense of humor, "Warren, did I ever tell you about how you used to fetch things when you were a baby? You were so easily entertained, man. ::sigh!:: Those days were awesome!"