Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'Cause when I arrive, I bring the fire

The boy is mobile...and pantsless. He took 8 unassisted steps a few nights ago, and is playing with varying forms of walking, bouncing, scootching and walking on his knees. He enjoys emptying everything out of any reachable containment device. Kitchen drawers? Emptied. Dresser drawers? Emptied. Bathroom cabinets? Emptied. It's hard work, and Warren takes it seriously.

The other day, Xtian went to the bathroom, leaving Warren in the living room. They'd been dancing to the Sirius channels we get on our TV. When Xtian returned to the living room, Warren had the remote in his mouth, and an apparently free trial of the Playboy channel on the tv screen. Fantastic. Nothing like some early exposure to porn to really make a child's upbringing safe, secure and non-warping. Or to make sure he's solidly gay from day one.

Work is going well, I'm getting good feedback from the folks in charge, including the owner of the company. Which is good, since I moved my entire family up here for this job.

I've been out late at meetings and company required events every night this week. And mama's a little tired.

So, I'm going to go enjoy the delightful cocktail my cute househusband just brought me. Now if only I could get him to clean toilets while wearing pearls and high heels...


jen breese said...

Yippeee for walking and freedom. Well not so much freedom for you anymore. :) I'm glad your job is going well and you are being challenged.

Faith said...

How is Xtian's job search going? Is he finding anything that might work for him?

You seem happy. Am I wrong about that? Because it would be nice for me if you were happy, ok? :P

Coley said...

I am happy. There are some things that need some work, but I'm happy.

Xtian and Cory are both looking and not having much luck. Kind of makes me feel like a jackass for uprooting them and moving them to a place where they can't find jobs. But it will be all ok.

april said...

What an adorable picture of your boys!