Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The verdict.

Well, we ended up taking the apartment. I'm feeling torn on the whole matter and probably being more negative than is necessary.

Tons of storage space. There are 6 full closets in this place and a separate storage unit. (Mama gets her very own closet!).
There's a backyard with some grass.
It's 1.5 miles from where I will be working.
No one has to walk through my bedroom to get to ANYTHING.
The walls aren't all "Fuck it all White" (the color preferred by most landlords).
Free gym on site.
There's a big ol' pool. We'll see how useful that is, or if it's super crowded during the hot months.

Tiny. Less room than we have now, just divided up EVEN SMALLER!
It's expensive. Only $50 cheaper than where we're living now.
Shabby. The exterior is hella shabby, for the entire complex.
It's a huge soulless complex of sprawling humanity.
It's gated. Not necessarily a bad thing, but since it is a shabby complex, what exactly are they keeping out?
It's in the middle of nowhere. It's walking distance to nothing, and so they have EVERYTHING on site as part of the complex. Which makes it feel a little "Logan's Run" you know?
Poorly lit, very few windows.

But, here's the thing. We're out of time, we're out of options. We had to move and at least it's getting the baby out of my bedroom. I'm starting to freak out since we're moving in...4 days. Mostly I'm just getting nervous that this is all happening so fast, and if I'm jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. I know, it will all be fine, but in the meantime, I'm working myself into a negative attitude frenzy, reducing everything about the move to the worst possible scenarios. This may seem like a bad idea, but really it usually works out well for me. If I imagine everything to be totally awful, then if anything about it is even half as bad, then I'm pleasantly surprised. Sounds screwy? Yes, it is. But it works for me.

Meanwhile I'm still at work, killing time, waiting for the VPs to sign off on my last two pieces. Which will never happen, and I don't care. I seriously am out of energy to care. And if I don't get sign off... I won't be here for the shit to hit the proverbial fan. I've done my diligence trying to get everything completed, and been thwarted at every turn. So, not my problem any longer.

Think they'd notice if I left mid day to run errands and only came back in time to pack up and leave? Probably not. And even so, what could they do? Hmmm. Will have to think about this a little bit. More later, maybe. Got some blog reading to get done.


april said...

Good luck with the move and everything! Moving to a smaller place suck ass, but like you said, you get your own closet! Focus on the good, right?

Faith said...

How long of a lease did you guys sign?

meghan...or is it? said...

Worst case, I'm guessing it's only a year, right? Leave what you don't need in boxes and get to know the town and move to a fabulous place next year.

Also, breaking a lease may not be the end of the world either.

Coley said...

Exactly! It's only a year, and once I'm there and getting to know my way around, we can move. It's not a terrible place. I'm just wallowing in negativity for a minute.

I do so hate moving, but at least my obsessive desire to get rid of everything is finally paying off. (I haven't worn these pants in two weeks. Do I really NEED them?) Reducing the amount of crap to move always good. Too bad I married the ultimate pack rat.

Faith said...

I hear ya on the hating moving thing. Now that I've been in my house for 5 years, it was hard to even look at other places when we were thinking of buying a new place last year! I was all, "Gah...don't wanna pack!"

But yeah...reducing crap is ALWAYS good. When I moved to Boston in 1999, I downsized considerably in the closet department, and was forced to get rid of a LOT of stuff. It was weird...and hard...and I don't wanna have to do something that drastic ever again. But I do clean out the closet every few months now.