Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'll be the one twiddling my thumbs.

So, could have sworn I wrote in this thing just yesterday. Clearly, I'm a little out of it.
Still at work. They just refuse to cash me out. GAH! I hate this game. I'm just sitting here waiting. All I need are two approvals on upcoming projects and that's it. All my work is done. But that's all good. Although, I suppose if I turned in my exit interview, they'd get rid of me right quick. (Nothing unprofessional, and no name calling. Just a general, "I've never worked in a mroe negative environment in my entire life.")

I did some math earlier today and, do pay cuts suck. Sacramento better be a whole lot damned cheaper than the bay in a lot of ways or we're kind of screwed. Well, not screwed so much as exactly in the same boat. Which wasn't really the idea. The whole point of moving was to live somewhere cheaper, so we can maybe...get ahead in life? Maybe be on the right track to buying a home? Do you hear me, Sacramento? Cost less! (Not that I've even done any looking into cost of living in Sac. or prices for things I buy. Just bitching endlessly. Hi, my name is Coley.)

Warren further proves he's adorable every day. Even when he's being obnoxious, still cute. This morning, he got me up for our normal 5 am feeding (which is fine as my alarm goes off shortly thereafter), but usually he falls right back to sleep. Not so much this morning. He was wired. Crawling over me, Xtian, playing with the blinds, clapping his hands, clapping MY hands etc. He couldn't stop bouncing and laughing and dancing and squealing with delight. Which is normally such a welcomed thing. Just not when Daddy's trying to get an extra hour of sleep and Mama has to get ready for work. But, he's just so damned cheerful, you can't even hold it against him. Charming little bugger that he is.

Hungry. Need food. Enjoy your Thursday!


jen breese said...

Warren is the total bomb man! Don't forget to put AC in your budget. You'll need it in the summer. I hope it is a lot cheaper too.

meghan...or is it? said...

It's more negative than the POD???

Coley said...

Oh yeah. At least in the POD, we were all in it together. Here, everyone's trying to screw each other over. At least with a coke-fueled nut job at the helm, we had a common enemy. With NO ONE at the helm here, nothing unites anyone. Just awful.

meghan...or is it? said...

Ah, you were gone when it became that sort of jungle madness. It got way worse. Like when they brought in Emily's bff to run the marketing department for a month.