Monday, October 6, 2008

I hate being sick.

Whew, ridiculously whirlwindy weekend. Saturday I tried to tidy up the house a little, then hit the Farmer's Market with sister Jenn (after a brief impromptu visit from Friend Jen), ran a few errands, got home in time to get ready to go to our Cioppino Party! (If you haven't had Cioppino, it's a fish stew that was created by Italian fisherman in San Francisco. Whatever fish and shellfish they didn't sell was all thrown into a pot. Heavenly.)
Sunday we were up early and loaded up to drive around Sacramento all day. The whole family ended up coming too, with the exception of Kat. So, hours of driving around Sacramento and we mainly know where we DON'T want to live. But at least we've gotten a better idea of the neighborhoods and general layout of the area.

And now I'm back at work with maybe 4 hours worth of work to keep me occupied for the next 9 work days. BRUTAL. I hear that my current company is notorious for escorting folks out of the building within a day or two of notice being given. I just keep crossing my fingers and hoping that'll happen for me! Because you know what I could totally be doing with my time? Finding an apartment, packing up the entire house and moving. But just because I'd like for that to happnen means it probably won't and they'll spend the next week and a half torturing me. Sheesh.

Poor HR lady asked for an exit interview. And I also know that for a reference check, all she's legally allowed to say are the dates I worked here. For an actual reference I'll be using my boss, so I really don't have much to lose here. Clearly, I'll keep it professional, but I think I'd like to actual stick it to a few people. We'll see how it comes out. Might be cathartic anyway.

Warren had his first cold this weekend, complete with fever. Poor kiddo couldn't have been feeling very good, but I'll be darned if he showed it. I don't know how I got such a happy, content little baby, but I'm so not about to complain. But, I was totally THAT mom this weekend. You know, the mom who runs around with a pocket full of used tissues? Yeah. Unpleasant. And now, I have the stupid cold. Bah. I do so love being sick. Oh wait, no I don't. I'm a whiny, obnoxious brat everytime I so much as sneeze. Again, Xtian's a lucky man.

Think that's it for now. Oh, let's see... I don't think Cory reads this, so we're safe. Cory's birthday is Monday and I'd like to get him an eye exam and some new glasses. Kid doesn't have insurance, so we're looking at the cheapo methods. I've thought of Lenscrafters and Costco. Anyone else know of any cheap vision places?

Oh, and not to embarrass Cory or anything, but I have to vent about MIL for a moment. Cory was just barely 18 when he came to live with us. He had a pair of glasses he was using to see the TV, computer screen or anything further away than his hands. Then Crazy MIL started calling and demanding her glasses back. Yeah, this broad didn't provide prescription eyewear for her own son to be able to SEE, so he'd snagged hers as he hurriedly packed his things when she kicked him out on Christmas Eve.

As someone who is freaking blind without corrective vision, I think this constitutes child abuse. Being able to SEE is so basic and denying your kid that just proves what a nutjob she is. Even if you can't afford it, there are programs to get your kid some glasses. Schools will pay for it in California. This was just another way of controlling his universe and it makes me unbelievably pissed off.

Here's the thing. As a parent, everyone tries to give their kids the best things they can. And while not everyone can give their children luxuries (like name brand clothing, or even braces to fix crooked teeth), Vision is not a luxury. Food is not a luxury. Seasonally appropriate clothing isn't a luxury. These are necessities. If you can't provide them for your children, there are programs to help you provide them for your children. If you refuse these programs and force your children to go without, you probably shouldn't have children anymore. I know, not everyone likes asking for help. And if it's just you, you're allowed that option. But the second your own pride/selfishness/insanity forces your children to go without those things you have stopped being a good parent, and instead are neglecting your childrens basic needs.

Ok, I think I'm done and I hope I haven't overstepped on Cory's feelings. He's such a neat kid and I'm so glad he's in our home and in our family. I just adore him and I hope he's happy with us.


Faith said...

Thank goodness he has people like you and Xtian to take him in, Coley. I hope he understands better what it really means to be LOVED by family...

Crossing my fingers that your current employer does the whole escort out the door thing! That'd be lovely!

Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

We have crappy eye insurance, so i go to costco. $50 for eye glass exam,$80 for contact and eye glass exam. The glasses are a good price i can spend about $50 for a really nice pair. But i usually get cheap plastic because my kids break them. Hey let me know if you need anyhelp scouring the internet for apartments. I have some extra time.