Monday, September 8, 2008

Nap time for mama.

Oh but jebus, I'm tired. We had an awesome weekend, but very little sleep, and ZERO downtime. But all for good things.

Sarah's birthday dinner was so much fun, I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy her cousins. And the food was so amazing, I want to leave Xtian and marry the sushi. If you have the means and opportunity, go to Guy Fieri's restaurant in Santa Rosa. Tex Wasabi's. Sushi will destroy your ability to love anything but said sushi.

Sunday was the wedding with Xtian's friends all coming to our house to get pretty. (Rather than wearing wrinkly sweaty clothing and hair and makeup that survived a 3+ hour car ride. HOT!) The wedding was beautiful, and the bride seems just like Kyle, meaning wonderful and totally going to be a driving force in making this planet a better place. Which left me confused about the gift registry.

I kind of wonder if some family members were bending her ear about all that stuff. Or if she's going to save the world whilst sleeping on $300 worth of sheets. Eh?

Warren was a totally charming dollface. He let all the boys carry him around and use him as lady-bait. He laughed and flirted with anyone who'd make eye contact with him. And then we pushed it way too late, and he lost his shit completely. We got home a little after 9 pm, and tried to get him to bed but Warren wasn't having it at all. As soon as I put him in his bed, he shrieked. He was so tired, he was so wrung out and out of any and all emotional reserves. He just couldn't relax enough to fall asleep. Lucky for this broad, Xtian doesn't work on Monday's, so could stay up with Warren until he finally passed out at MIDNIGHT. Woof.
And I get to start my week with no sleep and an aching body. Fun fun.

Oh, and I'm a total butt who spoke to Sarah on the phone today and forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Also, chocolate ganache should be part of my daily nutritional intake. *drool*

Now, how was your weekend?

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