Monday, September 22, 2008

Just some randomness for your Monday.

A few wonderful things from this weekend:
  • Soft launch of Cory's restaurant's dinner. Which meant, 1/2 price sushi. Really, really good sushi.
  • Farmer's market and the resulting champagne grapes and purple bell peppers
  • Pizza making party with two siblings, two sib-in-laws, and one wonderful friend
  • A baby who has finally stopped wanting to be fed in the middle of the night
  • Getting to sleep in my own durned bed, with my own durned husband after three weeks alone on the couch
  • My baby finally called me "Mama"
It is officially fall, and I'm sad to see summer go. Not that we do much differently around these parts, but you know the IDEA of summer is just so appealing. However, fall means I get to: cook soup at least 3 nights a week, not feel badly about heating up the house by cooking , rededicate myself to becoming a better baker and start realizing that holy shit my kid is going to have a birthday in a few months.

And like every fall, I begin looking at my wardrobe and wondering, "What the hell did I wear last year and the year before when it started getting cold?" Because, I'll be darned if I have more than one sweater or pair of wool pants. What? Is there a little monster who eats winter clothing every March? I know I'm not the only one who does this every year.

I went to lunch with a very pregnant former coworker last week. We had a delightful time dishing about baby-related things and pregnant-related things. And would you think me mentally deranged if I told you that all I could think about was, "Damn it, I want another baby"? It does make me sick, doesn't it? I was worried about that.

When I started talking to Xtian about future child(ren) he immediately started hyperventilating because, WHERE would we put another person in our house? Currently four humans are dwelling in what can only be described as one and a half bedrooms. Cory's room barely fits the futon he sleeps on (and to get it inside the room, it has to be dismantled). Xtian, Warren and I share our almost normal sized bedroom, but you have to walk through it to get from the living room to the kitchen or bathroom, or anywhere in the house that isn't the living room. (It's a jacked up floor plan).

So, I guess I shouldn't bring up more kids until we have a little more room, eh?


jen breese said...

LOL, yes you need more space first sweetie. I have to second your vote for the amazing grapes.

april said...

I was just looking in my closet this morning and wondering what the hell I wore last winter?? Too funny.

Also, I updated my blog link for your new digs. Sorry it took so long, but I don't get to read blogs that often. Not that you care, I'm just saying.

And can I tell you how f'ing cute your kid is?? You'll be fighting off the girls!!

Faith said...

It is soooo time to clean out my closet. Every time I move into what should be a bigger clost (um, because it is), I somehow manage to have more clothes than will actually fit in said closet. Makes no sense to me at all...

This baby-wanting thing is normal, or so I hear. Resist! RESIST!!!