Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Deep in the trenches of Mirgaine Territory

Feeling like 100% Ass today. Headache started when the alarm went off yesterday morning. Went to work anyway, took some Tylenol (aka Complete Freakin' Joke of a Pain Killer) and muddled through. Around 10 am the nausea hit, so I took an Immitrex. A few hours later, still hurting and wishing for death, but with the added side effects of: muscle weakness, dizziness, and overall sluggish response times. Sounds like time to drive home.
I don't remember my journey home. I don't know any other way to put that, but it's just as scary as it sounds. I don't remember anything past getting in my car, and being inside the daycare lady's house. Fantastic.

Realizing where this was going, I tried to get everything arranged at work just in case I was out of commission today. I spoke with my boss about it, and he gave me a kind of ominous, "Try to come in tomorrow...." That sounded less like a request and hope for my well being, and more of a "come to work or suffer the consequences" thing. But maybe paranoia is another side effect of medication. Either way, I'm here at work this morning, unmedicated since driving 35 miles in a complete stupor is not really good for one's health.

I am not happy about it, can you tell. Whatever.

Warren has decided that crawling is for suckers, and he ain't no chump. So, he spends every waking minute walking around every piece of furniture within his grasp. We've been trying to make him crawl over to the furniture (as he's still waking up nightly, on his hands and knees rocking. Apparently, babies will practice crawling in their sleep until they get it down. Fun.) so he can get the skill mastered, already. But, Warren isn't having it. He rolls over, scootches in his pattented BoatSkimmer method to the furniture where he pulls himself up and bounces around like a demented little hillbilly. (only having 4 teeth, and usually wearing overalls that are too short for him does not help with the hillbilly imagery). But at least he's happy, and has stopped crying if Xtian or I am out of his immediate reach.

9 Months? I love you. Let's be best friends!

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