Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gooooooood Morning Vietnam!

Ok, so here we are. All family stuff has been dealt with and I think we're all ok.
The gist: I have one rule about my writing here, I will not write anything that I wouldn't say to someone's face. Maybe not in the same way I'd say it to their face, but still. When I found out my mom had read the previous posts, I freaked out. I felt angry at first, because how dare my family members invade! And then I realized some things: I'm the ass putting things on the internet for all to see; also if I'm upset that my mom read that, then I didn't follow my own rules. And for that I'm truly sorry.

So, we're in some new digs, and maybe with some new family readers (Hi Mom!) who I hope will read everything with a grain of salt and maybe just skim over the awkward stuff, like my penchant for profanity. But is there really anything for fun than shouting ala Bart Simpson, "DAMN ASS HELL!"? I thought not.

On to the good stuff. Or the mediocre stuff. Whatever.
Quick recap of the weekend:
1. Cioppino = awesome. Make some immediately.
2. Dress Shopping = Brutal. I hate shopping, and mostly I hate finding dresses that don't highlight my lingering baby-belly-skin.
3. Fried Chicken in enormous quantities = oh lord. Just glorious.
4. Farmer's Market = Fun.
4. a. Farmer's Market with a 20+ pound baby strapped to your chest = tiring.
5. Pineapple Express = I LOVE SETH ROGEN. There is no joke there, he's just adorable, with his little rabbity teeth.
6. Sisters and their girlfriends are fun. And they buy you burritos. Also awesome.

Warren is so close to crawling I'm a little frightened. It's mostly three appendage scootching at this point, with his left leg flailing around in the air behind him. It really is amusing to watch. But, between that move and his weird little boat-skimmer routine, the kid gets everywhere. I have videos of each, but haven't edited or dealt with them. Soon. Maybe.

I try to avoid most politics on here because, frankly, you aren't going to change my feelings and I won't change yours so let's leave it alone, mmkay? But this whole Republican VP candidate's knocked up 17-year old daughter? I have one question for Sarah Palin.

How's that abstinence only sex education working out for you?

That's just one of those really stupid ideas that I can't believe people can get behind. Because, clearly, teenagers won't even THINK about sex if you don't bring it up, right? HA.

Ok, enough. I'm done with that. Happy Tuesday, it's like Monday, only crappier.


jen breese said...

You forgot to mention that the cioppino was also easy to make.

Yipppee! A crawling Warren. Oh did you see the new pictures of Warren? He's so damned cute. http://www.flickr.com/photos/westernlark/

Jenn said...

Glad you found a new home. I'd be sad if you left forever!

Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

your mom is reading this.... hahahahahahahahahah.....you just made my day..HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHa....im feeling really good right now, have a nice day!