Friday, August 8, 2008


I just spent the last week mowed down from the cold virus of death. While the symptoms weren't that bad, my inability to take cold meds made a huge difference in my energy level. Nyquil, you magnificent bastard, I miss you. I also miss your partner in crime, Dayquil. I feel like ass.

But, anyhow, in addition to illness, work has been a clusterfuck of retardation lately. Bad decisions being made, throwing tens of thousands of dollars at a problem that doesn't exist, and people who have no idea how to do my job telling to do my job. Nice. The thing about working in AD/PR is that EVERYONE thinks they know how to do those things. Clearly. That's why local commercials are always awesome, right?

But whatever. Kiddo update: the boy had a big weekend last week. Farmer's Market, first time meeting a horse, first sushi. It was awesome. Warren's in a really fun stage right now. He likes being part of conversations, which mostly consists of shouting gibberish OVER the other people talking. It's pretty dang adorable, if I do say so myself. His sleep still sucks, but we're working on it. Like most things, I'm pretty sure everything we do is just killing time until he grows out of this phase. He keeps waking himself up by trying to crawl in his sleep. Yeah, that would freak me out too. But during the day, he has no interest in crawling, as he can wiggle and roll pretty much anywhere he wants.

The other morning, he was sleeping next to me in my bed (I was sick, and not about to keep getting up to deal with him), when he woke up, saw me awake, and rolled across the bed to come snuggle me. It warmed my cold little soul, anyway. Oh, and funny enough, on the food front, his favoritest thing in the whole world? Butternut squash. He will eat ANYTHING so long as it's covered in butternut squash. He's currently taking out an entire butternut squash to himself every week. That's in addition to the other food and breastmilk he still eats/drinks. That's a lot of squash. Damn. Good thing he's finally getting tall, or he'd be the fattest fat that ever fatted.

Ok, I'm tired. Sorry, no fun stories. But at least it's content, eh?


jen said...

Of course I'm nosy but why can't you take cough meds? I'm glad you are sounding better and more like your cankerous self. :D

Warren is the most delightful bug. Pretty soon, he'll be taking a horse for a jaunt down the road!

meghan...or is it? said...

I want a little being to roll across the bed and snuggle with me! Phil isn't quite stealth enough.

Coley said...

Breastfeeding mamas don't get to take cold meds. Just another of the joys of parenthood. Fun fun fun.
Meghan, I hear puppies are good at that too. eh?

Faith said...

Puppies like to climb up and sleep on your head when you're trying to get some extra sleep. Or fight with each other on what they consider to be a great big puppy wrestling mat (i.e. your mattress).

Maybe those are just my puppies, though. I dunno.

Hope the cold goes away soon! I miss Coley posts as much as you miss my posts, dammit.

dreadpiratecuervo said...

For serious, if you are not feeling well, watch the men's swimming from Beijing. Perks me right up. Feel better!