Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Over the weekend we had a family party to attend for some cousins' birthdays. I was excited to go because my aunt and her kiddo would be there. I was dreading it because my gross uncle and irritating step grandmother would be there. But, I refused to let the former be outweighed by the latter.

As soon as we got there, I was irritated at my gross uncle. To be fair, he didn't really say anything to me, or do anything icky, I just don't really like him. So everything he does bothers me. And I'm a little horrified that my aunt and uncle are drinking again. (This is the aunt and uncle who only two/three years ago were in jail for having a meth lab in their home, and for abusing/neglecting their four children due to said meth lab). Yeah, you know what drug addicts need? A gateway drug like alcohol to allow them to exercise addictive behaviors. Whatever. At least the kids are old enough to tell folks when things get bad...I hope. But they kept it together while at the event, and really if anything gross uncle was trying to be less annoying. In fact, he never mentioned the whole "Yay boys! Booo girls!" bullshit he's been repeating for a year. So, that's a plus.

And Step Grandma has found something else to keep her worries occupied. The new worry is that my aunt will have another baby before she loses weight. This from a woman who could stand to drop 100 pounds, easily. But I guess it's easier to pick on your daughter than deal with your own problems. Sheesh, the more time I spend with her, the more I really appreciate my own mom. How do you deal with a mother who can't shut up and be happy for you? How do you not strangle the woman for constantly putting you down and doubting every decision you make?
How the hell is it any of her business if/when my aunt has another kid? Where do you even get off feeling the right to an opinion on someone else's reproductive plans?


Anyhow. When my aunt and her kiddo, Evan (who's 6 weeks older than Warren and about 10 pounds heavier), arrived, we put both babies on the floor to check eachother out. Both babies had pacifiers in their respective mouths. So they sat for a minute, staring at each other. Then Warren reached over, pulled Evan's pacifier out, and tried to put it into his own mouth. When Warren failed that, since he still had his own pacifier, he reached over and handed Evan's paci to Xtian. Meanwhile, Evan just sat there like, "hey... that's mine. What the hell?" Too funny. It made me even more certain that Evan will be the Lenny to Warren's George. ("We're gonna have rabbits, right George? And live off the fat of the land!") But hopefully without mental handicaps and mercy killings.

And in a final note of great news, My sister and Kate (her girlfriend) will arrive in Oakland today! They're finally going to be here, permanently, and I'm so excited I can hardly sit still.


jen said...

Yippeee for sister arrival! I hope you make it thru the day ok without muscle strain from wiggling!

april said...

I think we all have the annoying uncle in our families. Unfortunately for me, it was my dad.

I've been looking at your flikr pictures and Warren is so damn cute!!!

Faith said...

Yay for the impending sister (and her GF) arrival!

Can I come, too? I don't wanna be here anymore until my house is done. So I promise to leave in, oh, about 3 weeks...(I hope.)

Coley said...

Oooh! I love houseguests. Come and play. It'll be awesome. And hell, I'll even cook.
(Remodelling SUCKS!)

Awww, thanks April. I sure like the little bug.