Thursday, August 14, 2008


I arrived home early Tuesday afternoon, after running some work related errands. I decided to get Warren from daycare at his usual time, so I could have half an hour to get some things done around the house. I knew I wouldn't be home much, since as soon as Xtian got home, we would be running over to Jenn and Kate's new apartment. (Hurray! They're Here! It's AWESOME!)

So, I dicked around a little and made the weekly shopping list, got all my stuff ready for the next morning and tidied up a bit. I called Xtian to see where he was and if he'd be home soon, or if Warren and I should just head over to Jenn's, but he was in the middle of work stuff and said he'd call me back.

It was about time to get Warren, and daycare is so close, I decided to just walk over and carry my twenty pound butterball of a kid home. As I stepped outside, Crazy Captain Ron from across the street started chatting/harassing me. It's just what he likes to do. I managed to avoid most of the awkwardness that is a conversation with Captain Ron, but managed to fall into step, three feet behind some guy who was also walking down the street. I tried to vary my speed and create some distance without it being all "Hi, I'm totally not following you. I swear! Also, I'm not the police, straight though I look." But no matter how fast/slow I tried to walk, he was still right there, and clearly, he was sure I was up to no good. Really kind of weird. Finally my phone rang, giving me a perfect excuse to stop walking altogether. But, man, that was uncomfortable.

By this time, I was already standing right outside of Nana's (what we call the daycare lady). I ran in to gather Warren's stuff up, see how his milk stash was and was ready to run back out the door, when one of the helpers stopped us and said Nana needed to talk to me for a minute.
Nana came downstairs and asked if there was anyone who could pick Warren up at noon from now on. I replied, no of course not. Xtian and I both work full time, and our jobs take us anywhere from 30 to 200 miles from Oakland everyday. No way could we get away every day.

I still didn't really know where this whole conversation was going until Nana finally dropped it on me, "The state says I have too many kids, so as of Today I can't have Warren anymore." My daycare lady was breaking up with me.

I know. Warren's schedule is weird and it sucks for daycare providers. He's in full time, but only three days a week. So, unless you find that magical kid who needs it full time the other two days of the week, you're stuck with an open slot. But damn. Warren was just in the last month or so starting to enjoy going to daycare. He would get excited when he figured out where we were going. And all the folks there love him, and would spend 10 minutes every day telling me how gorgeous and fun he is. And that is like crack to any mama.

So, there we were on a Tuesday night, needing daycare for him Thursday and I couldn't take time off work since NO ONE else from my department was going to be at work for the rest of the week. I called Xtian and told him "Meet me at home NOW!" Because clearly, it's time for Coley to have a complete meltdown. And I still had to carry my hammy hammy baby home.

Nana referred me to a nice daycare lady, whom, coincidentally, we had actually interviewed 6 months ago when we were first looking for daycare. We liked her just fine, but Nana's house was bigger, closer and has a huge backyard. And Warren so loves being outside. So at least we had somewhere for him to go. I set up a meeting for Xtian and Warren to go over to the new lady's place and get all the paperwork so we'd be all set. She was prepared to take him starting Thursday, but I was feeling hesitant. At work on Wednesday, I waited to hear from my VP, but she never did show up. So, I let the HR lady know the situation, and told her, I'm working from home for the next few days. Here's my cell number, if anyone comes looking for me, have them call me, ok?
Fortunately, she didn't give me even a sideways glance about the whole thing. Which is good, because I was primed for a fight. So, I managed to make it to the meeting with the new lady, and we worked out a little introduction period for Warren. Rather than just dumping my kid, who's already slow to warm up to new people, directly into a new place with people he's never seen before, and abandoning him there all day. And for the next few days, we'll be going to the new place for a little bit so Warren gets to know the sights and sounds. Even so, I'm certain he's going to go through the few months of intense clinging and neediness he did when we first started daycare.
So, I'm at home for the rest of the week. Which kicks ass, but for shitty reasons.

I know being dumped from Daycare isn't personal and is strictly a business/licensing decision. But I can't help feeling rejected, and feeling like they rejected my kid. Which makes my heart hurt.

So that's my world. How're y'all doing?

PS. Anyone else really tickled by the Hillshire Farms' "Go Meat!" commercials? No? Just me? Ok.


Faith said...

Have we discussed the fact that puppies are easier? We have? Oh...*I* have? Ok then...

Except Jake has started doing this thing where he bites me and tries to look all vicious when he gets stressed/frustrated. I don't like it, and don't know how to deal with it without getting really angry. Which doesn't help.

So maybe puppies aren't necessarily easier...they're just different. Hm.

Coley said...

Yeah, eventually though, the kid will start dealing with his own feces. And that alone makes it better than a puppy. Hard to keep in mind right now, though.

Jenn said...

Gawd, so many people I know are dealing with shit daycare situations right now, us included! Hope the new lady works out!