Monday, June 9, 2008


Ok, I need another weekend after the last few days. All good, but so busy I feel like I haven't sat down since Friday. My brother had a 24-hour pass from rehab, so I picked him up on Friday night. My god, it's so good to see my brother again. Especially since he's more like my brother, and less like a skeezy addict. I know, I'm putting that kind of glibly, but I'm so overwhelmed by the difference I see in him that I have a hard time describing without getting all emotional.

I left work a little early on Friday so I'd have time to run some much needed errands and still beat the traffic up to Sacramento. You'd think leaving at 1 pm would give me enough time to make a bank/post office run, squeeze in a quick workout, shower, pick up the kid, feed and change the kid, and get on the road easily before 3:30. But, it turns out, I'm a retard, have trouble doing math, and the entire highway system of California is against me. Lucky for me, Xtian's good at picking up my slack, and picked up Warren and put gas in the car for me. I did manage to get on the road at about 3:35, only to get a quarter mile down the freeway and see that "Door Ajar" light on my dash. So, I have to exit the freeway, park, open and close every door, then get back on the freeway. Except, I got off the freeway in Berkeley, where everything is made more difficult because it's run by a bunch of hippies.
So, anywhere you get off the freeway, THERE IS NO WAY TO GET BACK ON GOING THE SAME DIRECTION! I ended up having to take surface streets (following the freeway) and the first entrance going the right way? Was the one right by my house. That's 40 minutes I'm never getting back, which totally reinforces my "Berkeley sucks ass" philosophy.

And can I just say, if one more person honks at me and flips me off for having the audacity to STOP at a stop light? I'm going to murder them.

But I finally got up to Sacramento, grabbed my brother, and got back on the road to Oakland. And we only had to pull over and feed Warren once before he passed out for the rest of the trip. We got home in time to eat pizza (I'm telling you, BBQ sauce on pizza is delicious. The devil for those of us trying to eat well, but delicious), and get to bed.

Saturday was spent running around while trying not to feel like I was running around. And before I knew it, it was time to take Chris back to Sacramento. We didn't get home until about 10pm.

And of course, I decided I needed to spend Sunday working out, roasting tomatoes and garlic so I can make my own pasta sauce for dinner tonight, making super rich chocolate ice cream, battling with my cell phone company (so another story for another day), tidying the house, teaching Cory to drive a stick, oh yeah, and taking care of a baby.

I'm freaking exhausted. But my sister in law (my sister's longtime girlfriend) is coming over tonight, and I'm so glad to have her here. Just another step in getting them to move out this way permanently. Which means my entire family will be living in California for the first time since... 1997? God, has it been that long? Damn.

But now I need to eat. So huzzah, happy Monday.


jen said...

Good lord lady! That rivals my racing round. I'm glad you got to spend some time with your bro.

Faith said...

Aw! Makes me tired just reading it! Now I need a nap...thanks. :P