Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Aww, Thanks Guys!

I'm still completely overwhelmed with the awesomeness that is Warren's non-fucked up head. I've spent the last 4 months or so in a constant state of worry. My entire mindset has been, "no decisions, no plans, nothing can be done until after..." after what? I don't really know. Sometimes it was after the appointment, in my less optimistic moments, after surgery. And now I'm still finding myself thinking, "Gosh, I'd really love to go do X, maybe after Warren's....OH WAIT! THERE IS NOTHING I HAVE TO WAIT FOR!" Very much a freeing feeling. But I still have all this built up anxious energy, so, I'm hoping to burn some it up at the gym today. And, weirdly enough, alongside all this anxious energy, is utter exhaustion from spending months poised on the verge of complete meltdown. Humans are odd.

Jen came over with a delightful bottle of wine to celebrate Warren's continuing streak of health and perfection. I drank a few glasses, and have no headache this morning. Go me!

I am, however, completely exhausted. Warren's been teething, and he's pretty miserable. He spent all day Sunday whining and sleeping fitfully, Monday he was pretty much ok, aside from waking up screaming an hour after I'd put him down for the night. He had a really rough day at daycare yesterday, but was so relieved when I went to pick him up that he couldn't stop smiling and laughing at me. So, that was just kind of delightful. Since Warren's such a daddy's boy, I don't get to be the one who makes it all better very often.

But then he refused to take his early evening/late afternoon nap, so was completely wrecked by 6 pm. So, I decided to put him down for the night, see how that went.
Turns out, not very well. He woke up crying an hour later, quickly escalated to constant fussing and moaning that only being smooshed into Xtian's neck could fix. So, I rubbed a little baby Orajel on his gums to give him a few minutes of relief. And that worked just long enough for me to grab a shower. While I was finishing my getting ready routines, I heard Xtian exclaim, "OH MY GOD!" Followed by a splashing sound.
Warren had thrown up all over the place. I was not aware that much of ANYTHING could fit inside my kid, but clearly, it does. So, at 10 pm, we're throwing Warren and Xtian into the bath, and cleaning floors. By then, Warren was completely exhausted and just out of control (well, as out of control as Warren gets, mostly quiet whining and some sniffles). Poor kid is just a hot mess this week. And he's even more pathetic, because he tries to smile and laugh in the midst of feeling like shit.

This is when I feel vaguely guilty for enjoying going away every day. Everyone kept telling me that I'd change my mind about wanting to stay home with the kid. So far: NOPE! While I love Warren and I do miss him, I'm more than happy to hand him off to Xtian or the daycare and let them deal with his fussiness all day. By the end of the weekend, I'm pretty much ready to send him back to Nana (what we call the daycare lady). Hence, if it ever becomes possible to be a single-income household, Xtian will be the one to stay home with the kids.

Happy Wednesday, I'll be the one still floating on a cloud of relief.

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Faith said...

Ok, I was gonna suggest whiskey on his pacifyer, but if he throws up that badly from Orajel, I don't think that'd be that fantastic of an idea...

Hang in there chicky. Kids are fun, right? Right??? (Yeah, I have dogs. :P)