Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I'm allowed to gush every now and then.

I'll tell you all about last weekend later. Right now, I'm going to talk about something else.

Two years ago today, I made the smartest decision ever. I married the sweetest, kindest, most patient man I've had the pleasure to meet. In him I found my perfect complement. The person who can be calm when I'm raging, who can pick up the slack when I'm overwhelmed, the person who likes me even when I'm a complete asshole, and can chime in with the hate when I need someone to be as pissed off as I am. And he does all this without one word of complaint. I'm not quite sure what he gets out of this deal, but let's not tell him that, shall we?

I'm not going to be totally obnoxious here and claim that I knew he was the guy I'd marry when I met him. But from the beginning, I had a feeling he was different. Within a couple of months, I'd decided that one way or another, this was the man with whom I wanted to have babies. And after watching him with our son over the last few months, it only makes that feeling stronger. I love him even more for the way he's a father to Warren, and the amazing kid who, luckily, takes after him.

Every day of my life, I feel grateful to know him, and unspeakably lucky to get to spend my life with him. Happy Anniversary, sugar.


meghan...or is it? said...

Congratulations! Here's to many, many more years of happiness.

Wow, I can't believe it's been two years since I've seen you guys though.

Miss Middle School said...

Awwwwwww!!!! I love you two!

Faith said...

"I'm not quite sure what he gets out of this deal..."

Um, a wife that doesn't kick his ASS for blowing a hole in the side of their house with gasoline acting as lighter fluid, perhaps?

Yeah, you guys are even-steven for a looo-hoooong time after that little dealio. :)

Happy Anniversary! Any fun plans for celebrating?