Friday, May 16, 2008

Action Warren!

Yeah, can you tell what my folks gave us for a Mother's Day and early Father's Day gift?
The camera kicks so much ass, it's ridiculous. HOwever, the software that comes with it, not so much. Hence every night for this entire week has seen me hunched over my computer for hours at a time, intermittently beating my fists against the desk, screaming at the computer and cursing technology in general. I still can't load the videos from the camera to my computer (oh, and did I mention that I'll never be able to do anything on my home computer? Turns out, my geriatric laptop is finally completely incompatible with any software you can buy. Luckily, I have this big ol' work computer just sitting here, so I'll be using that. Yeah, thanks work computer!) but at least I found enough work arounds, and it only took killing one of my unrewritable dvds to do it.

That right there is the reason we had a GREAT mother's day, but a "meh" anniversary. Hard to be sweetie pie when you're too busy screaming profanity at a computer. So, that's that.

Yesterday, it was 101 degrees in Oakland. No joke there. Now, I've lived in Chico, where it can get up to 118 no problem for most of the summer. But this is Oakland. Before this week, the hottest temp I've ever seen in Oakland was maybe 88. I know, that makes me spoiled, but it also means that most of Oakland does not have air conditioning. And did I mention that my house has metal siding, and most of our windows either don't open, or don't have screens so we can't open them without having cats throwing themselves out the window? So yesterday we just baked. It was miserable. How do you cook a meal when your house is officially 103 degrees (yes, it was hotter inside than out. Spectacular)? I decided we needed to order pizza instead. If you have a Mountain Mike's pizza near you, do yourself a favor and order the BBQ Chicken Luau. I know it sounds weird to have chicken, pineapple and BBQ sauce on a pizza, but it is quite honestly the tastiest pizza in the world. I might even prefer it to ... Zachary's. I know, strong words. But seriously...awesome.

Right, so sometime over the weekend, I need to buy a dress to wear to an evening wedding. Damned formal attire! All the dresses I own are either black (and therefore completely inappropriate for a Summer Time Wedding) or way to casual for an evening affair. Did I mention that I hate shopping? Because I HATE SHOPPING.

In the meantime, visit my flickr page to see more LIVE! ACTION! WARREN! If'n you're into that sort of thing.


jen said...

I know I prefer not dealing with the Zachery crowds! I'll have to try it sometime as there is a Mt Mikes on my way home.

Swoon. Warren is too cute for words.

Faith said...

OMG. Even to a hard-ass baby-hater like myself, a baby laughing is so, soooo fucking cute, it kills me! I've melted. Literally melted. I'm typing this from a puddle of Faith that's now on my work chair. Thanks. I bet the cleaning people won't even acknowledge me when they stop by to get the trash tonight...

And your camera woes. Yes. Me too. My last videos wouldn't even load, for some reason, and I'm hoping it was the type of disc we used. I love the idea of it so much, and wish I could post more videos every week, but they just won't work. It SUCKS!

Thirstin' for Thurstons said...

Warren is so cute!!!
Is that music in the background or some kind of religous chanting? :) it kinda sounds like chanting...

Coley said...

Aww, Faith, glad we could turn you to goo.
And Nat, I'm pretty sure that's an episode of Kenny vs. Spenny on in the background. Yeah, and the bleeps were on tv, I wasn't censoring Warren's profanity. ;)