Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekends need to be 5 days long.

Just like I expected, I got all lathered up, and then M wasn't even at the reception. Phew! It was a lovely event, full of great people. Warren was a model citizen, and didn't get fussy even after being held by the 20th new person of the day. Seriously, I'm at a loss as to why he's such a good kid. He's killing me with the cuteness the last few weeks. I may have to cover him in butter and honey and devour his face.

Like a jackass, since we had grandparents to babysit, I decided we were going out! And to further secure my jackass status, I stayed out until 4 am. You know the thing about babies? They don't care it's a weekend. They still get up with the sun. So, I sacrificed sleep for a night, and then still skimped on sleep last night. So, I'm a bit of a zombie. But that is not keeping me from getting to the gym tonight. I gave myself last week off the gym so I could deal with the job, and daycare without making myself insane. But if I'm to drop the other 40 pounds I've been meaning to lose for a couple years now...I'd better get it together.

The sucky thing about weekends is, they end. I kind of forgot about that. Blech. Time to write some loan disclosures. Just living the dream, people. Just living the dream.

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