Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's all about my boobs.

So, since my kid is the eatingest eater that ever ate, I've been doing my damnedest to increase my milk supply. Keeping hydrated, eating well, getting some sleep and most importantly, pumping and feeding like it's my job. But, much to my frustration, I think I've finally topped out. I had hoped that if I could pump a little more at work, I could finally get my freezer/fridge stocked again and maybe give myself a break. Ever since that first day of daycare, when he almost doubled his normal milk intake, I've been trying to pump 150% of what he eats (based on that 19 oz day).

In fact, I was kind of stressing about it, until I realized, "Um, hi? You are pumping a grand total of 20 oz a day, and you still feed the kid directly about 5 times a day." And the last several days at daycare, he's only eaten between 12-15 oz. So, why is it still stuck in my head that I MUST pump at least 25 oz while at work? I'll be darned if my overachieving mentality isn't getting the best of me. I'm a freak.

That is the reason I think I would probably be the worst stay-at-home mom in the world. At least I can focus my "Achieve or die" energies at work, instead of on my kid. Need another example? I was doing a little reading, and found that most babies roll over between two and three months. Warren is almost 12 weeks old. And he hasn't rolled all the way over yet. Still totally normal, especially since he HATES being on his tummy. But, this is clearly a personal failure on my part, and I'm driving my whole household crazy demanding that we all work on this. Jesus, even while I'm doing it, I know I'm being a little crazy. If I were home with him all day, can you imagine how neurotic I'd make this kid? "Hit these developmental benchmarks WHEN I TELL YOU TO! And don't give me any of those 'benchmarks are just vague guidelines' excuses! In this household, we do things a minimum of three weeks ahead of schedule. I'll take no procrastination from you, Mister!" Why did people let me have kids?

You know, my friend Nathalie told me of her theory that if you have an easy pregnancy, you'll have a hard delivery. Since I proved that to a tee, I'd like to further extend the theory: hard delivery, easy baby. Seriously, not to jinx myself or anything, but this kid is so easy and good, (for now, anyways *knock wood*) it makes me want to have about 6 more, immediately if not sooner. I mean, jeez, the kid has been sleeping 10 hours a night since he was 8 weeks old, is more than happy to lay in his bed cooing at his mobile/horse toy, really only cries when he's hungry or overtired, and then for only a minute. I'm constantly shocked with his completely joyful personality. Not that I'm bragging. Hell, I know better than anyone that his easy-going nature has NOTHING to do with anything I'm doing.

But seriously, isn't he the sweetest kid you've ever seen?

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