Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Say "Meow" again. I dare you.

The thing about having a new baby is that they sleep a lot. Unfortunately, that sleep is in small chunks of time. This leads to some strange prioritization. For example: during Warren's morning nap, I had the choice of taking a shower, or eating. I chose the shower. So, it's now 3:30 pm and I'm eating for the first time today. (His midday nap occurred at the DMV, so lost that chunk of time). I keep feeling like I should be getting more done. I mean, he's sleeping about an hour and half during each nap, that should be plenty of time to clean the bathroom, shower, and eat breakfast, right? Except shit keeps coming up. Like the need to pee. Or to battle the goddamned ants that are laying siege to my house thanks to the rain last week. Of the need to order birthday presents for the myriad upcoming birthdays.

(Have I mentioned how much it sucks having one week during which 6 family birthdays fall? Yeah, it's pretty fucking hard to budget and plan.)

And all this is made even more tenuous by three cats who conspire to wake the kid up every second of every day. If the one isn't meowing nonstop, another is knocking appliances off the counter. I'm on the verge of instituting daily cat beatings, just to keep them in line.

Ok, my HotPocket is calling me. Time to eat! Peace out, y'all.

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