Monday, January 7, 2008


So, two weeks of Warren screaming at me anytime I attempted to actually breastfeed him. Two weeks of being strapped to a pump all day like a freakin' dairy cow. Two weeks of feeling rejected by my kid, and it turns out all I needed was a $6 piece of silicone. Thanks, lactation consultant! Seriously, if one more person told me, "Don't worry! If the mom's supply is ok, and baby is healthy, breastfeeding will just happen" I was going to kill them. Because, it was not just going to happen for us. Every time I put the kid near my boobs, he looked at me like, "yeah, this is weird. Where's the food?" And would start screaming. How much of that can you take before you stop trying?

But, that's all good now. He's eating like a champ, and I'm much further from the emotional edge. Hurray. Oh, and for those who care, some pictures up on Flickr. Warren has his daddy's eyes, nose, chin, ears, cheeks and mouth. He has my uncanny ability to make weird faces in every picture. Glad to see I have SOME influence in here. I was just starting to wonder if I was indeed the mama.
Right, that's all for now. Crying baby, and all that. Happy new year, folks!

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