Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yet another BS update.

Yeah, so between holidays, travel, and a new baby, I officially suck at writing.
My entire life right now revolves around my boobs. Specifically, my kid has zero interest in eating from them. Which meant that at his Well Baby checkup last week (Xmas Eve), he'd lost an unacceptable amount of weight. So Xmas Eve and Day were spent at doctor's offices, having my four day-old child's blood drawn, and being strapped to a breast pump in an effort to force feed Warren. Long story short, his weight is now fine, and he eats heartily. The bad news is that he will only eat from a bottle. Which means that feeding him is now an hour long process between having to pump the milk, bottle it, warm it and shove it down his throat, and usually involves a lot of dishes.

And of course, it leaves me feeling like a shitty mom already. (Gee, couldn't be the crazy hormone trip I've been on, could it?) My own kid screams at the site of my breasts. Comforting. Hopefully a lactation consult will help.

That's pretty much it for the bitching. So far, Warren is a sweet, very easy going kid. He's had the very intense experience of meeting every single one of my relatives over a 5 day period, and he's handled it beautifully. He rarely cries, and wakes me up for his night feedings with a few "Eh eh eh" grunts. He sleeps a few hours at a time, and my mom's been down a lot to help.

In non-baby news, we had another crazy MIL experience. Xtian's brother had made arrangements to come visit just after Xmas. He'd cleared it with MIL, and tickets had been purchased. Xmas Eve, MIL kicked Xtian's brother out, because he was coming to visit us. So, for now, he's staying with us and working on getting his shit together. He's only barely 18, and is such a good kid. I'm so angry with that woman.
At the same time this is all going on, MIL sent emails to all my family members with some vague language about wanting to be family again. Now, don't worry, she didn't actually apologize for anything. Rather, some references were made to "misunderstandings". Yeah. Quality.

There's a special place in hell for terrible humans like her. She's bound and determined to be alone, and now she will be. I hope it works out for her.

And because we must, another Warren picture.

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