Friday, December 14, 2007

Mood improving

I think now that I've actually had to face my own personal "worst case scenario" for birth, and realized that it will be ok, I'm actually feeling better. Frankly, if I have to wait until next week, my big sister the Super Nurse will be here and she's volunteered to be my personal nurse, so that feels good. (Always nice having an advocate who actually knows how medical stuff works, as I tend to do what the people in the white coats tell me, even if it's not what I want.)

Also, in the "Doesn't Suck" category of things, I found out that my State Paid Maternity benefits will be a nice chunk higher than I was expecting. So, while still less money than if I were working, more money than I had been planning on. So, that was nice. And to top it off, when I called the Big Bad Governmental Agency that handles this stuff, at 4:30 pm, no less, the guy who helped me WAS NICE! It was amazing! So, that left me in a good mood. At least gave me enough motivation to actually cook something for dinner, instead of waiting until Xtian got home and whining that I don't feel like eating ANYTHING! And making him put up with my annoying ass.

And since I've been on such a negative kick, I feel I should balance my karma out a little. I don't know anybody else's life partners very well, but I feel pretty safe in saying that Xtian wins the contest. He has put up with me so sweetly during the last few weeks, and has been trying so hard to never say the wrong thing, I just feel so fortunate that he'll put up with the amount of shit he does. And the fact that he's hot as all get out doesn't hurt.

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