Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You might feel a slight pinch.

The downsides to working out before work are that I have to pack my clothing the night before, and that I’m stuck wearing whatever it is I’ve packed. Like this morning, when I discovered that I apparently haven’t worn this pair of pants in a few weeks. And since over the last few weeks my hips have widened out a lot, I’m now an overstuffed sausage in what used to be cute maternity pants. Very attractive.

Feeling wiped out, I managed to be in bed by 7 pm last night. Around 7:30, I was out cold. At 7:50 pm my phone rang. Just a family member who thought I’d still be awake, no emergency. Of course, my body had just finished what would normally be a power nap, and was ready to get a move on. It took a few more hours to wind back down and get to sleep. All the best intentions in the world, and I’m still the walking dead today. Grump.

In a list of happy developments:

Food is starting to taste good again. This is especially nice since all I want to do is strap myself to the stove and cook. Mmmm. I think a vat of clam chowder is in order this evening.

While this week is unbelievably slow, I’m taking a personal day tomorrow for the sole purpose of lying on the couch with never ending mugs of hot chocolate. No rest last weekend, and no rest this coming weekend makes Coley a walking zombie.

Even with the awkwardness involved in moving around these days, I discovered that I can still run (or waddle quickly) for 3 miles before work. Makes me feel a little less like a bloated whale.

We officially have all baby supplies on the “required for a newborn to live” items purchased. There is a place to sleep, have a diaper changed, somewhere to safely ride in the car and all those hygiene things. As far as I’m concerned, anything on top of that, is just gravy. (But then, when it comes to household luxuries, I’m kind of a Spartan.)

I have fallen completely in love with this website: http://www.elise.com/recipes/. These people love food as much as I do. You’ve got to love folks who’ll spend days on end finding the perfect recipe for dumplings. For reals.

Right. I’m out.

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