Monday, October 15, 2007

This Is Why I'll Never Be Asked to Decorate Anything.

I suck at eating properly. Some days, I just can’t be bothered with eating until I’m so shaky and ill, the very thought of food makes me queasy. (You know that whole I’m so hungry I can’t even think about food thing?) Other days I just can’t stop shoveling food into my mouth. Can we do something to average those days out and eat a respectable amount of food every day? Maybe?
See, yesterday, I wasn’t hungry and forgot to eat until after 4 pm. Today, I’ve been starving since I woke up and have already eaten every scrap of food I brought with me. This could get ugly.

I had very few plans for this weekend, yet ended up running around crazily from start to finish. My mom is coming to Oakland next weekend to help me get MC’s room together. I am so overwhelmed by the very thought of it, I’ve just been throwing everything into the closet, still in it’s packaging. We still have 5-7 weeks to go (*fingers crossed for sooner rather than later). But the only thing in MC’s room is a changing table. And the only reason it’s not in the closet? It doesn’t fit.

I’m having the hardest time thinking beyond the most utilitarian things. While other women paint nurseries, get color coordinating linens, wall hangings and whatever, I’m thinking I’m all set with a place for the kid to sleep, and a pack of diapers. What else does it need?
So, luckily I have Xtian to drag around Ikea for a few hours. Xtian is the only person who does any amount of gussifying in our home. I’ve never hung a single picture on the wall. It’s all him. After hours of being overwhelmed, we finally made a list of some things that we can buy to make the room a little less…boring. We rent, so clearly the walls are all “Fuck It” white, and the carpet is some weird brown/tan thing that was cheap when my landlords redid it. Not exactly a stimulating, comforting place to be. Although, the cats seem to like it just fine, but then they aren’t exactly the height of good taste you might believe. Dear lord, I think I am on the verge of purchasing CURTAINS and an AREA RUG! This will make two lifetime firsts for me. Let’s just see if I don’t chicken out before Saturday rolls around.

Is it naptime yet? I’m exhausted. Is this what people mean when they say pregnancy makes you tired? Because, damn, am I ever feeling it.

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