Tuesday, September 4, 2007

You look hungry...

So, yes, long weekend, eh? I slept an enormous amount all weekend. I tallied it up this morning and figured out that I slept about 11 hours each Friday and Saturday, and averaged about 2 naps a day. I felt pretty awesome, aside from the headaches which have made a delightful third trimester return.

Tried to see the Bourne Ultimatum on Saturday. But, didn’t make it through the movie. Allow me to explain: I woke up on Saturday at about 10:30 am. I ate a fabulous bowl of cereal (Yum, had forgotten how much I like Apple Jacks. No nutritional value, but tasty, nonetheless), watched some Food Network as is my weekend habit, then set about cleaning the house. Now, we all know I’m a bit of a clean freak/OCD nightmare, so when I clean the house, we’re talking about baseboard scrubbing, under the couch vacuuming sweeping swiffering and mopping, bathroom sanitizing, moving the oven to scrape the scum etc. Needless to say, this is a long, involved process. So, around 4 pm I was finally finished and able to catch a shower. Xtian got home just in time to clean out the cat box for me.

I realized we could make the next showing of the movie if we left…RIGHT NOW! So, being juvenile delinquents, and cheap, we crammed my purse full of candy and headed to the theater. Once inside, I realized that I’d eaten nothing but that cereal, and should probably put something in my belly that isn’t gelatin based, or chocolate covered. A little popcorn, and a coke to get some caffeine circulating. (See, headaches. All the time, every day again. Thanks Mocha Cub!)

So, we shuffle into the theater, manage to nab the make out seats in the very back, and I proceed to munch popcorn while the previews get rolling. As soon as the movie starts, I can see I’ve made an error in judgment. The camera shakes, swivels and bounces every second of every scene. I know the Bourne movies are like this, but this third one took it to a new level. Not just chase scenes, but quiet conversation in a deli scenes. Talking on the phone scenes. Every scene. I’m feeling queasy. Within 30 minutes I’m dashing to the bathroom where I had the singular pleasure of vomiting popcorn. Just fabulous.

Hoping I’d gotten that out of my system, I returned to the theater. Nope. Repeat performance. Luckily Xtian knows the drill, and let me go, finished watching the movie and met me outside when it was all over. So, major bummer there, and man, did I feel like shit for the rest of the day. I finally managed to get some actual food into my body around 8pm. Nice job taking care of yourself Coley! Yeah, and I’m in charge of the care of another human in a few months? Good luck.

So, Sunday was spent nibbling food (which all sounds gross again. After a couple of weeks of fantasizing about what else there was to eat, WHILE EATING, I’m back to everything sounding/tasting horrible. No wonder I’m having trouble with the weight gain.) watching movies and trying to get Xtian to make out with me. No dice there. *sigh*

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