Thursday, September 6, 2007

Pregnancy diaries.

So, just a quick “Coley is fucking nuts” note.

I haven’t slept more than a few hours a night (weekends excepted) for weeks. Sure, there’s a good amount of being awoken to internal muay thai demonstrations, damned kids and their mixed martial arts, and screaming, aching hip pain. But the stupidest reason I’m losing sleep? I shall take you through it.

I get ready for bed pretty early. For one, I get up at 4 am most mornings, and the other I like having some winding down time to read a book, do some relaxation breathing etc before I go to sleep. But once I’m done with my book, and have properly hyperventilated, I start worrying that I won’t fall asleep quickly enough, and then I’ll not get enough sleep.
So, stressing about not getting enough rest is causing me to lose sleep. I am retarded.

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