Monday, September 24, 2007

She'll do anything for a klondike, and I'll do anything for a blonde dyke. Or so sayeth Kanye

I’m so pleased with myself, I could just spit. I DID in fact go shopping this weekend, and I actually BOUGHT SOME STUFF! And, even better, it was on sale. So, I still bought pants for under $15, and shirts for $2. That’s right, two dollars. Xtian came with me because he is a far better shopper than I am. He dug through the racks and found two pairs of pants and about 5 shirts that kicked ass, in colors I never would have picked out but are awesome, and were all on sale. The man is a dreamboat. And my lord, not having ruffled sleeves and terrible belly panels made getting dressed this morning a pure delight.

But I do have one issue with the clothes. I never cut the tags off of anything until I’m quite literally walking out the door, wearing them. But, Old Navy thought it would be hilarious to sew the alarm/sensor tag INTO THE CROTCH SEAM. So I didn’t realize it was there until I was driving into work. Nice and comfy. Since when is the crotch seam a place to sew a tag? Jeezy Chreezy.

My distaste for food continues, much to my chagrin. This weekend, I made a huge batch of nachos and guacamole for an evening of watching movies, and really could have taken or left it. Sunday I spent a few hours making a nice chicken cacciatore, and found it…meh. Xtian ate it with much pleasurable moaning and plate licking, so I guess it was good. Just didn’t do a whole lot for me. *sigh*

At least we’re three-quarters through this pregnancy, and so far, it’s been damned easy. *knock wood*. For as much as I whine, I’m really doing pretty well. Sure, it’s uncomfortable, and I keep closing doors on my belly, but from what other people deal with, I’m having a nice easy time of it all. (Of course I’ve just damned myself by writing that. So, lookout for next week when I tell you of all the horrors that will start because I’ve tempted the fates. When will I learn?)

Oh crap, if I’ve had a nice easy pregnancy where the worst I’ve had are minor morning sickness, food aversion, near constant headaches with bi-weekly migraines, does that mean I’m in for a horrible, horrible labor? Oh lord, please let me have my mother’s genes on this one. That tiny woman had 4 big babies, and when asked if she used meds during labor said, “eh, no.” Like, meh, no biggie. Damn, I want those pain-dealing genetics!

And in an effort to horrify us, last week at birth class, they passed around some medical equipment. The crochet hook they use to rupture membranes, the vacuum extractor, and the internal fetal monitor WHICH SCREWS INTO BABY’S SCALP! It was so horrifying, I considered just having this kid in my house and hoping for the best. But that’s probably not such a good idea now that I think about it.

More class tonight where we’ll be talking about birth plans. Woohoo. And stuff.

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