Friday, September 21, 2007

More on the fat clothes

So Jenn mentioned in a comment that Old Navy Maternity clothes were less horrible than the garbage I’ve been casing my overstuffed sausage of a body into lately. (My words, not hers). And I just figured out this is my problem: I haven’t paid more than $9 for a pair of pants and $5 for a shirt in well over 3 years. This could be where my hatred for clothes comes from.

I felt like a total asswad cruising the Old Navy site, and making indignant noises at the *gasp* $30 pants and *groan* $20 shirts! I found myself thinking: these better clean themselves AND be made out of pure gold! I think this officially lands me in the category: cheap and vaguely retarded. I mean, it’s not that I buy clothes that often (um, maybe every 6 months I'll pick up something, when Xtian makes me) but man do I have trouble justifying shopping for clothing. Which is why 99% of my new clothes come my way because Sarah gets tired of me looking like hell, and buys me clothing for a present. I think my entire maternity wardrobe so far has cost me $80. And I thought I was being self-indulgent and extravagant.

Clearly, I need lessons in being a damned girl.

I have such a hard time spending money on myself (unless it’s in the form of food), and that’s only intensified what with all the shit we’re buying for Mocha Cub. (ACK! We’re having a kid! Clearly, there will never be another dime to spend on myself, and I should be using the next few months to get used to it!). It’s time to get over it. But not this weekend, since both Xtian and my respective paydays are next week. Oh, but then not next weekend, Xtian’s going out of town. And not the weekend after that because we’ll be broke again.
So, not this year, but sometime soon. Got to get over my inability to purchase durable goods for myself.

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