Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ding Dong The Douche Is Gone.

Ok, I'm tired, a little headachy, am having some uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions and just got some news about the horrible state of a friend's health. So, nothing of substance to post. But I did want to share a little birth class happiness.

First, it's almost over. Hurray. I'm tired of breathing deeply when I'm told to. (I've been breathing on my own for a while now, I think I can manage it from here on out).

Second, of the 10 couples who started in this class, we're down to 5. I'm sure some of them dropped out. But I know that at least one dropped when she gave birth to her baby girl at only 29 weeks of gestation. (Don't worry, mother and child seem to be doing well and are expected to be just fine, if tiny). The nice thing is Class Hole is one of those who stopped coming. And just to assuage my guilt, his wife was already at about 37-38 weeks, so just fine to have her kid. So, hurray, no life threatening/scary happenings, and I still NEVER HAVE TO SEE THAT DOUCHE AGAIN! I'm pretty damned pleased about that.

Happy Tuesday. I think I want to throw up. Stupid headaches.

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