Thursday, August 16, 2007

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Back in the saddle again.
So, a week up with my parents, helping out while mom recovers from surgery. My mother is a rock star it turns out. A week after having one organ removed and about six others repaired (hello prolapsed organs! Get back where you belong!) and she’s already back at work. Dear lord do I hope I have more of her genetic makeup than any one else’s!

My dad is still iffy. After his stroke a few weeks ago, he’s lucky in that there’s no paralysis or brain damage. But, they’ve yet to figure out what is causing his skyrocketing blood pressure, constant headaches and a litany of other things. This all landed him back in the emergency room last Friday, and no one could give us any information or help. I’m so glad my older sister was there for the ER visit. Having her go and understand a little better about what’s going on was such help. I stayed home with mom and tried to keep her distracted, but didn’t do so great of a job. It’s the first time my mom broke down in front of anyone about dad’s health. And it scared the hell out of me. I can’t imagine how scared she must be.

When I left to come back to Oakland, I cried the entire drive down. I don’t feel very good about leaving. I don’t know what else I can actually do, but I hate being far away, and I hate feeling helpless. Not that there’s much I could be doing if I were still up there either. But shit, this sucks. I can’t even talk about it out loud because I just cry. So instead I write about it.

But yeah. Had to come back to town for another round of ultrasounds on Mocha Cub. MC is proving to be the silliest little fetus there ever was. You may recall at the last ultrasound, MC would not allow a number of measurements to be done. Shaking his/her head “no” throwing hands in front of the wand every chance he/she had, etc. This time, we got the last few measurements, but just for fun, this kid had both feet above its head, peaking between the knees. Apparently, even though I’ve dropped the ball on prenatal yoga, MC is really into in utero yoga.

But apparently this kid is going to be a chunk. We’re still measuring almost two weeks ahead of what the doctor says (which makes perfect sense based on my cycle dates), and is weighing in at about 1 pound and 15 ounces (give or take 4 ounces). So, with about three and a half months left, this kid is set to be the hugest monster ever born. Why am I still aiming for a natural, drug-free delivery? Oh yeah, because I am retarded.

So, I’m sitting at work, and even after being gone for a week…still nothing to do. I have a month to write a newsletter, and 10 days to put together some artwork. Frankly, this could all be done in a couple of days. But then what would I do? Instead, I’m trying to read all the blogs I didn’t read over the last week. Hope y’all are doing well. Maybe I’ll have some less boring/depressing stuff to write later. But that doesn’t seem very likely these days does it?

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