Friday, August 17, 2007

Give me my money back, you bitch.

List of stuff for a Friday (sorry, I’m too lazy to actually pull together content with a flow or meaning)

  • I managed to pull a groin muscle this week. I’m a lady, so I won’t tell you how this happened. But I will tell you it’s how people get into the situation I’m in now. *ahem*
  • Mocha Cub dances to music. Especially the Hair soundtrack and Kanye West. If it didn’t feel so weird, it’d be really freakin’ cute.
  • I’m still not putting on enough weight, says the doctor. And I’m actively losing any weight I do put on if I go a few days without gorging on garbage-fast-food. It seems I just can’t get enough calories into my body if my meal doesn’t come Supersized. Which is also really kind of nauseous-making.
  • Tomorrow I get to go to Rock The Bells, at which I will get to see Rage Against the Machine, Mos Def, Common, Wu Tang and a gazillion others. It’s going to be a-may-zing. Aside from that whole “spending 10 hours outside, in the sun/cold of a San Francisco summer, where water will inevitably cost $9 a bottle, and let’s not even talk about food” thing. We should have a dancing baby all day long. My insides already feel bruised.
  • Holy crap, today couldn’t last longer if it tried.

That is all.

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