Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Try not to miss me too badly...

Ok, how early can I take off the day before my vacation? Because quite honestly, everything I needed to get done before was completed by 11 am. I managed to kill some time shooting the shit with my boss, then it was time to eat, but other than that, I’m just staring at the clock, willing it to go faster.

How soon does chicken salad go bad in the fridge? I made a delightful batch on Saturday, and finished it off today. It tasted fucking awesome, but now I’m feeling a little…off. And of course, I forgot my horesepill of a vegan pre-natal vitamin. This is one of those delightful capsules that if not taken EXACTLY 4 minutes before you stuff yourself with food, you will be nauseous and dry-heaving for the rest of the day. A lovely effect for someone whose body is already doing completely irrational things. So, I’ll be damned if I put that devil in my stomach in an already delicate state.

My mom came through her surgery this morning and it went pretty much as expected. She’s still all anesthetized, and probably hilarious (dude, Mormons on drugs? Funniest shit ever. For reals, you simply must experience it to fully comprehend), but hopefully she’ll be home tomorrow or Thursday. So, hurray for mama!

So, I’m being really weird about purchasing things for MC. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but kids need a bunch of stuff. And some of this shit is kind of expensive: car seats? Legally required, illegal to purchase second-hand, and they are all about $100. Fine. Strollers: you’re probably looking at $200, cribs, changing tables/dressers, not to mention that did you know cribs need things like…sheets? I was surprised too. And then everyone is shocked when you don’t have all the matchy matchy, color coordinated themed shit for the room. Curtains, blankets, upholstery, wall paper, etc. Dude. It’s exhausting.

By my estimation, before this kid even shows up, we’ll have sunk about $2000 into him/her. (And really, it’ll be less than that because we’ve got some first time grandparents here. I’m almost scared of the amount of baby shit that will find itself in my home come babyshower time.)
Which isn’t that big of a deal, considering we’ve got at least 4 months until MC will need any of this shit. But I can’t seem to make myself buy anything…permanent. I finally determined that I needed to start somewhere, so I picked up a box of diaper wipes. And baby powder. Then I put together the most utilitarian baby first aid kit. And that all seems fine, because I’m not looking at it. It lives in the closet, concealed in the Target bags they came home in.

Buying furniture feels an awful lot like…committing. And dude, that shit is scary. Like, hearing the heart beat, seeing the ultrasound, feeling this kid kick the hell out of me…that isn’t bringing it all home. It’s the buying of baby things that will make it sink in. As though I’ll turn around, see a crib in my house and realize, “Holy shit! There’s going to be a whole ‘nother HUMAN here shortly! What the fuck were we thinking?”

My brain functions do not make sense. I think I’m going secondhand shopping when I’m in Chico this week. Let’s just hope some folks are just giving all this baby stuff away.

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